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  Sara's Saga

This is the journal of my mission to reclaim my health. To make changes in my life that will make me healthier, happier and able to more fully enjoy life. I hope you'll come along with me...


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                                     UPDATE FOR JUNE: The Countdown is on! Check out the video and new workouts info!  EXCITING NEW RESULTS!! (scroll down to Body Composition)

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THIS IS NOT EASY. Taking the photo's you're about to see was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. For those of you who do not know me my name is Sara Holden, or better known as 'Phil's wife,' or Kiely, Kristin & Phillip David's mom, or the lady who does billing at MyTime Fitness Center in Pendleton, Indiana.
I have decided to do this video blog in an effort to motivate myself and hopefully others.

I'm embarrassed to admit that even though Phil and I own MyTime, it has been difficult for me to practice what we preach! I work at a hospital emergency room for 3 to 4 12-hour shifts a week. On my off days I am in the office at the fitness center trying to get caught up with paperwork. As a result, when I am done I just want to get home to get stuff done there. My kids are all in college now so I no longer have the pressure of making sure dinner is on the table by a certain time. No more sporting events to help with or attend. So I now have more flexibility. I realize those are just excuses but hey, it worked for a long time!

I am 49 yrs old and I want to feel good about myself when I turn 50, which will be on July 4th, 2012. So, I am asking that you go along on this journey with me, from start to finish beginning today, November 4th, 2011.


DAY 1: November 4th, 2011



                     Can you tell how thrilled I am to have my photo taken like this?


NOTE: At MyTime Fitness, we use the Futrex body composition analysis system. It is very accurate and non-invasive: no pinching and no exposing your body. The analysis gives me three very important values:

The following measurements - weight, bodyfat %, lean mass weight, hydration %,  calf, thigh, hips, waist, upper arm and chest - will be taken each month. I'll also have new photo's taken each month. You should do the same, and really evaluate the numbers and photo's each month.


  11-04-11 12-03-11 01-27-12 02-24-12 03-28-12 04-28-12  
Weight 143 139 135 132 129 130  
Bodyfat % 36.8 25.7 23.5 23.1 23 24.7  
Lean Mass Weight 90.4 104.1 103.4 101.4 99.2 97.9  
Hydration % 49.7 57 58.5 58.8 58.8 57.7  
Calf 15 14 13.5 14.25 14.25 13.5  
Thigh 22 22.5 22.25 20.25 20.25 20.25  
Hips 37 39 37.25 37 36.5 36.25  
Waist 36 34.5 33.5 33 32.25 33.25  
Upper Arm 11 11.5 11 11.75 11.25 11.5  
Chest 35.5 35.75 36.25 34.25 33.75 34.25  

My goals are:

My body coach for this adventure is Connie Hathcoat. Connie is our operations manager as well as the small-group training director. She has worked with many men and women on establishing fitness goals and then pursuing them. Connie is a great trainer, and has earned the reputation as our training 'bull dog.'

Though his ego is a little bruised, I selected Connie instead of Phillip for a reason. Connie will not 'cave in' when I whine and complain, where my hubby would. I'm certain there will be a few clashes between Connie and I, but in the end I know she has my best interests at heart.

Ok...let's do this!
I would like to know if you are following this with me. Let me know if you are having success or where you're struggling. My story is your story: we're all busy and can make excuses, but in the end we have to make time for it's about time for some MyTime! See you next week.


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